If You're looking for an INNOVATIVE push button, youíve just FOUND your sources!!!

The NEW CONCEPT PUSH BUTTON is specially designed to use in familiarity with the handicapped, to make customerís jobs for easier. For the handicapped,
one touch can feel the floor to call without feeling after Braille beside a numerical plate. For the Repairs & Maintenance company, it brings cost-effective solution by combing the Braille and the numerical.

If you're looking for the General or 
Braille push button that is easy to install, to be fixed  on O.P.Board and to be replaceable, you've FOUND your source.




Unsurpassed quality.


Full compliance with ADA

No needs of Separate Braille Sign Plate

Beautiful and Compact design

Cost effective solution for Manufacturing

Wide variety of Colors for your application

Numeral also raised for fingertips

Highly vandal resistant

Fixed directly from front without screw

Braille push button t is beautifully

12 months warranty

Button Model KS1021-01B TYPE




A. Lettering,  tactile character or Recessed character
B. Face Plate,  made of inflammable plastic - polycarbonate or metal - Zinc plate coated with chrome. Button can be fixed without screw.
C. Life,  1,500.000 impulse at 24 V 
D. Housing, back cover :  fully protected form dust




A. Face Plate :  plastic or die casting,  brushed stainless steel
B. Housing : plastic 
C. Light : Red Led illuminates when is registered
D. Ring Frame : round or square
E. Braille Tactile 
F. Tactile Letter 
G. Locker 
H. Hole :  for a back cover tip

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